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Africa's lost wilderness - Kenya and the big animals

Die Wiege Afrikas

Along ancient volcanoes lie endless plains which today are considered to be the cradle of humanity: the East African Rift Valley. Nowhere else holds such a vast and preserved landscape filled with biodiversity. A continuous geographic trench, which has played a role of great infl uence in our view of Africa for generations. Unfortunately, the existence for the big animals of Africa is under threat. Many game wardens are fighting with all their might to protect them. In the last hundred years, the population of lions has decreased by 96%. On average, every 15 minutes an elephant is killed! Many experts predict that 15 years from now, there will be no more free-roaming big animals within the African continent.
„Mama Simba“, mother of the lions, is what the people of Kenya call the American Cathryn Combes. She has been fighting for years for the survival of the big cats. Together with other game wardens, she captures lions that have invaded villages - and reintroduces them back to their natural habitat far away from the dwellings they have threatened! Craig Miller, of the conservation organisation, is fighting with his anti-poaching unit. They stand against the ivory trade and the elephant hunt.

This documentary explores the displacement of lions, elephants and other big game animals from the savannas of Kenya, accompanied by an impressive backdrop of nature and beast. But it is also an intimate depiction of the people closely linked to their traditions, people who still strive to live in harmony with the natural world.

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