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Dad again

Opa wird Papa

Company owner Anton has promised himself more leisure in his life:he wants to move to the country and finally fix up the old lakeshore house. The kids are out of the house, his business is thriving and he is happily married to 41-year-old successful lawyer Johanna. But life has a tendency to throw you a curve ball: Johanna is expecting and he will soon become a father once more. But letting go isn’t really Anton’s strong suit. When he tries to juggle being a great dad and remain boss at his firm, he not only messes up a major contract, but also alienates his adult children. Sufficiently chastened, Anton focuses on his infant son Otto, only to overcompensate and go all out on early childhood education …

Fiction/TV Movie/Family Entertainment


Christina Große, Ernst Stötzner, Andreas Günther, Leonie Parusel, a.m.o.

Neue Schönhauser Filmproduktion GmbH for ARD Degeto
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