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Borderland: Lawless

Über die Grenze: Gesetzlos

The French-German police team’s new case begins inconspicuously enough with the surveillance of a drug deal. But instead of arresting the dealers, the agents have to witness how an unknown party unexpectedly executes one of the two Russians. The other one survives his injuries but refuses to talk. It turns out that the dead man is the son of the powerful Russian criminal Jegor Sobolew with whom Steffen Herold and Yves Kléber still have a score to settle. The two are convinced that Sobolew, in order to keep his leader-ship, wants, if not needs, to avenge his son’s death. A gang war seems imminent. Steffen’s daughter Leni is also haunted by the ghosts of the past. She is trying to recover from the results of her first mission with the GZ as quickly as possible in order to be fit for commission again. This is a lot harder than Leni is willing to admit, though. Like Steffen and Yves, she is forced to push herself beyond her own limits.



Thomas Sarbacher, Jenny Schily, Noémie Kocher, Anke Retzlaff, Philippe Caroit, Bernhard Piesk, Karmela Shako, a.m.o.

Felice Götze, Sabine Radebold, Paul Milbers

Michael Rowitz

Polyphon Pictures for ARD / Degeto
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