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Jenseits des Spiegels - engl. UT

The painter Jette lives a secluded life in an old farmhouse. She is suffering from schizophrenia and can’t shake off the feeling of being persecuted and in danger. One day, her twin sister Julia finds Jette impaled on the garden fence after she had jumped from the attic. Her death appears to be a suicide. One year later, Julia, her husband Felix, and her son Niko move into the farmhouse. In spite of the terrible memories there, Julia hopes to make peace with her traumatic past. But her sister is omnipresent for her. Soon, Julia hears her voice and sees her ghost. Is the place really haunted? Or does all of this only happen in Julia’s imagination? Julia increasingly doubts that Jette’s
death was a suicide after all.

Fiction/TV Movie/Drama

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