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From Amsterdam with love

Verliebt in Amsterdam

Max leaves it all behind. Instead of following in the footsteps of his father Herbert and taking over the family business in their hometown Kassel, the studied lawyer rather wants to live his own life in Amsterdam. Shortly after arriving in the Netherlands, Max falls for the quick-witted and beautiful Sophie. He doesn't even mind the chaos on her houseboat, even though he is usually a stickler for these things - opposites magically attract. Soon, the new lovers toss their mutual Dutch-German prejudices overboard. Their fathers, however, are not so easy to convince of the relationship. Herbert, who is visiting with his wife Dorothea, is determined to bring his son back home and, to top it all, causes a car crash - with Sophie's dad, of all people. The football-crazy cyclist has a score to settle with the Germans since 1974…

Fiction/Series/Family Entertainment


Thomas Kirdorf

Florian Froschmayer
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