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Parents are the better liars

Eltern und andere Wahrheiten

The comedy “Parents are the Better Liars” focuses on Nina who loves her small family and is passionate about her job as an architect. Returning to work after her parental leave, she manages to save the firm from pending bankruptcy with an ingenious idea. There is only one snag: Her important client Lene Müller zu Waldstedtten disapproves of working mothers. Therefore, Nina claims to be single and married to her work. Her husband Torsten is no help at all: He is retaking his A-levels and perceives Nina’s dream job as a threat to their family. In a pinch, Nina introduces him as her brother and secretly hires the rent-a-granny Irmgard for her children Ella and Piet. Between the lies and her success, Nina’s life soon gathers so much momentum that she can’t seem to find the emergency brake.

Fiction/TV Movie/Family Entertainment


Nina Petri, Petra Kelling, Silke Bodenbender, Tom Wlaschiha, Iva Ljuba Simic, Ben Stiehler, Steven Scharf, David Korbmann, Yasemin Cetinkaya, a.m.o.

Maria von Heland, Katja Kittendorf

Maria von Heland

Aspekt Telefilm for ARD Degeto
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