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Ella's baby

Ellas Baby

Ella is fifteen years old - and pregnant. The only thing she knows about the 'father' of the child, is that they met on a student exchange in France and that his name is Pierre. Technically, all she wanted was to get her 'first time' over and done with. Full success on that front - unfortunately with severe consequences. Initially, this comes as a shock for her father Roman, who thankfully manages to collect himself quickly and now fully supports Ella. His new girlfriend Ariane also tries to help out as much as she can. That is, as much as Ella lets her - things aren't always working out between the two women. Ella's mother has left the family years ago and Ella is still very much attached to her. Not an easy situation for Roman who keeps getting caught in the middle and finds himself in another pinch to boot: He and Ariane have been wanting a baby of their own, so far without success. A pity that Ella can't decide whether to keep the child or not.

Fiction/TV Movie


Katharina Schüttler, Peter Franke, Benno Fürmann, Tijan Marei, Ivo Kortlang, Felicitas Freundner, Milena Dreißig, a.m.o.

Elena Senft

David Dietl

TV 60 Filmproduktions GmbH for ARD / Degeto
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