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Fatal germs

Götter in Weiß

Dr. Anna Hellberg, a surgeon at a clinic, takes centre stage in this medical thriller. She lives together with her husband Gunnar, a doctor at the same hospital, and son Philipp in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Anna finds herself under a lot of pressure, due to the amount of work at the hospital and a new controller, who has been tasked with optimising hospital procedures. When, after a routine operation ten-year-old Leah reacts allergically to antibiotics not prescribed by Anna and then suffers an anaphylactic shock, the doctor begins investigating the shortcomings in the daily doings of the hospital. Has she kept quiet too long about dirty surgical instruments and tolerated the negligence of the system? Anna finds out that at her clinic, life-threatening occurrences are on the increase, most of which are not taken seriously enough or are even hushed up. Not only her boss, Dr. Barna, but also her own husband Gunnar and her best friend, theatre nurse Franziska, could be part of clandestine arrangements that simply serve the wellbeing of those in compliance, in addition to the continued existence of the hospital. But the more unpleasant truths Anna uncovers, the more she finds herself isolated and confronted with hostility. In the end, she has to ask herself: just who can I still trust?

Fiction/TV Movie/Crime


Anneke Kim Sarnau, Jan Messutat, Claudia Michelsen, Sebastian Rudolph

Elmar Fischer

Polyphon Film- und Fernseh GmbH for ARD/NDR
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