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Death of a Cadet

Tod einer Kadettin

On board of the German training vessel Johann Kinau, naval cadet
Lilly Borchert is leading a precarious life. Her lifelong dreams of a medical degree and traveling the world seem farther away then ever, as she struggles with the harsh drill of the navy and is confronted with aggressive displays of masculinity on board the ship. Captain Krug and the fraternity of officers are no help as Lilly is being shunned and hazed by the other recruits, including another female cadet who becomes her greatest competition. Lilly is desperate to hold on and get through basic training, trying to find her position on board. That is, until one dark and stormy night on watch, Lilly goes overboard and is lost at sea. Officially ruled an accident, in spite of the circumstances, her death drives the embedded journalist Harmut Kerber to investigate the events. What happened that fateful night?
Cold Waters is the dramatic fictionalization of the 2008 real events surrounding the death of German navy cadet Jenny Böken on the German vessel Gorch Fock. After reporting trouble with the male
leadership of the training vessel and the overall hardship of drill and pressure on new recruits, she went overboard and drowned. To this day, the events that lead to Böken’s death were never fully uncovered and the case was dismissed as an accident.

Fiction/TV Movie/Drama


Harald Schrott, Maria Dragus, Lisa Hrdina, Miroslaw Baka, Robert Gonera, Alexander Grünberg, Peter Cieslinski, a.m.o.

Raymond Ley, Hannah Ley

Raymond Ley

UFA Fiction for ARD / Degeto
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Death of a Cadet