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Über die Grenze

In the "Borderland" series, criminal cases are highlighted, which call for the deployment of transboundary Franco-German investigative groups in the Ortenau/Alsace border area.
Just a few days after her debut as a member of the transboundary police force in Kehl, Germany, the young detective superintendent Leni Herold is taken hostage by two bank robbers in front of her father, task force leader Steffen Herold, during an unsuccessful raid. The two armed criminals are able to flee to France with Leni. From then on, Ségolène Combass and her colleague Yves Kleber take over the su-pervision of operations. Kleber is Herold's former partner and one-time best friend, before they fell out over 20 years ago. Whilst in the hands of the criminals, Leni Herold soon discovers that reality has little to do with the knowledge conveyed on a police course. Their very own mortal fear and volatile, often completely irrational behaviour of the two gangsters force them to make decisions that can't be found in any textbooks. Steffen, too, overcome with fear for the life of his daughter, makes precarious decisions that only his former best friend, Yves Kleber, agrees with.



Thomas Sarbacher, Jenny Schily, Noémie Kocher, Anke Retzlaff, Philippe Caroit, Bernhard Piesk, Karmela Shako, Omar El-Saeidi, a.m.o.

Felice Götze, Sabine Radebold

Michael Rowitz

Polyphon Pictures for ARD / Degeto
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