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The circle of gentlemen

The circle of gentlemen

Want to know what real luxury feels like? “The Circle of Gentlemen” gives you that insight, ten episodes of that rush of being on top. All it takes is 10 x 26 minutes and we will show you where dreams are born and the pinnacle of luxury is made. One episode takes you behind the scenes of the most expensive mobile phone in the world. The series shows you the production process, how the phone is decorated with sapphires, and its ring tones are recorded exclusively by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Did you ever want a speed dial button that connects directly to your personal assistant?
“The Circle” also portrays the skillful craft of the exclusive outfitters of the American presidents; it showcases the work of interior designers that create gold-plated mini-bars or the noblest handmade shoes in Budapest. And of course, it offers an all-access tour through some of the most expensive apartments in the world. This 10-part documentary series reveals
the best kept secrets of luxury. So join us and become part of the most exclusive club out there.
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