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Offshore heroes

Offshore heroes

In the middle of the ocean wind and waves write the laws. And - it is the eternal battle: man against nature. This documentary follows a giant project in the solitude of the open sea that is supposed to ensure the future of Europe’s energy production.
Because far out on the high seas is a world in flux. The green energy revolution has captured Europe and the offshore wind industry dares to take a leap of faith. Upon first glance Offshore Wind Power Plants, seem like traces of giants, but are in fact the work of human hands. This documentary follows the birth of the projects that form one of the worlds largest wind power fields on the high seas, from the manufactories of the sky-high wind turbines to the installation under harshest conditions. It’s also about the people who build the future of our power supply and their daily adventures.

There is hardly a renewable energy source which provides as much power as offshore wind. Some parks meanwhile provide several million households with renewable energies - and the number is increasing.

This documentary shows the most impressive moments from five years of film work on the open seas. From the breath taking moments at the birth of the first offshore wind parks in Europe and their pioneering attempts to the inhuman challenges that the crews have to deal with 100 kilometers off the coast.

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