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Frozen fear

Kalt ist die Angst

Claire has been trying for a child for years. She has to come to terms with her anxiety and depression alone, her creative work temporarily put to rest and only the prospect of a new method of treatment gives her any hope at all. She wants to tell her husband David about it. But when David, an eminent development aid worker, finally comes home, he announces his determination to "clear the air". He rushes to his next meeting and is found the very same day, dead. Claire's life spirals into a vortex of corruption and power. She feels as if she is being followed, also by David's close colleagues. Questions arise. In just what kind of dirty deals was he husband involved in and which role does star call girl Sabina, his apparent mistress, play? Claire follows Sabina and her little daughter, until the two women finally warm to one another. After all, they are mutually connected to an unimaginable fate….

Fiction/TV Movie/Crime


Caroline Peters, Rudolf Kowalski, Hans-Werner Meyer, Christoph Maria Herbst, Annika Bendl, a.m.o.

Martin Douven

Benno Kürten

Polyphon Film- und Fernsehgesellschaft for ARD/Degeto
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