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Iceland Murders: The mystery of the Westfjord

Der Island-Krimi - Der Tote im Westfjord

Solveig Karlsdottir, the successful crime novelist, travels back to her homeland, a small fishing village in the west of Iceland, leaving the capital, Reykjavik, behind for the first time in years. She has to look in on her mother, who has dementia. Once there, it is not only old friends and acquaintances she bumps into, but also a mysterious death. Early in the morning in the harbour, she is the first to discover a corpse that had been washed ashore. What irritates her most, is the way the locals just dismiss the death of Jon Sigurdsson, a local fisherman, as an accident.
Maybe there is a murder behind this case. But why does no one really want to know? Solveig's curiosity and her fine-tuned senses when it comes down to inconsistencies keep her wide-awake. Although faced with fierce opposition, she decides to begin her own research, which makes her a thorn in the side for both the local police and the inhabitants. But when the body of the local fishery company is found murdered, she faces the locals who are convinced it is her fault and decides to return to Reykjavik. But it is not only her mother who prophesied that her visit to her homeland is not yet over. All of nature's powers seem to be holding her back, too.



Hildegard Schmahl, Felix Klare, Franka Potente, Joi Johannsson, Carlotta von Falkenhayn, Maya Bothe, Derek Richardson, a.m.o.

Don Bohlinger, Nils-Morten Osburg

Till Endemann

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