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My son, the nerdy genius

Mein Sohn, der Klugscheisser

Deborah "Debbie" Hoeffner is a bus driver and single parent in a small town near Hamburg. Her ten-year-old son Jerôme is anything but easy to handle and at school, he is a complete misfit. Sometimes he astonishes everyone with his knowledge and on other occasions, he is unable to solve the simplest problems. When Jerôme becomes involved in a dispute at school and inadvertently yet seriously injures another boy who has been bullying him for some time, turmoil breaks out: class conference, psychological assessment. But psychologist Dr. Laas cannot discover any signs of aggressiveness in the nerdy boy and suspects that Jerôme could be highly gifted. When she informs Debbie of the possibilities in a special boarding school for gifted children, Debbie totally flips out. As a former institutionalised child herself, she cannot bear the thought of leaving her son behind the walls of a boarding school. She fears for Jerôme and perhaps herself, too? And Jerôme? He has only just found a friend in Said, who is a habitual offender and feared at school by all, yet he manages to bestow forced recognition on Jerome. But is this enough?

Fiction/TV Movie/Family Entertainment


Barbara Philipp, Heikko Deutschmann, Alwara Höfels, Maximilian Ehrenreich, Adam Bousdoukos, Oliver Törner, a.m.o.

Pia Strietmann, Lena Schmidbauer, based on an idea by Michael Hofmann

Pia Strietmann
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My son, the nerdy genius